Friday, May 29, 2009

Mr. Email, Meet Mr. Google Wave

Email is one of the oldest Internet apps, and most popular. How could it be better?

Google has a great idea called Wave that you'll see on a desktop near you soon. The company has led the way showing how applications can be deployed through web browsers using AJAX technology. Think Google Maps.

In the video below, Google introduces Google Wave, a server-based communication tool that integrates email, chat, and other forms of personal communication. Think of it as managed conversation aggregation and distribution. Or, server-hosted communication objects with classes for email, chat, photo sharing, and so on.

More simply, Google Wave is an extensible Content Management System that will replace your email and chat and much more. And you'll do things you never thought about.

I've put together a Table of Contents with time stamps for each section of the video so you can find the topic you want.

Time StampSubject
0:06:00the demo really starts showing email and chat integration
0:20:00A blog application that integrates Wave (maybe you'll see that on my blog soon!)
0:23:30Wave inside of Orkut application
0:25:30Wave on Android mobile device
0:27:00Editing the Wave object updates all instances of the Wave
0:27:45Project manager using Wave to take meeting notes
0:30:00Communication accountability (who wrote what when)
0:31:00Collaborative editing and the Playback feature
0:33:10Document production and source control coordination
0:34:40Extensible content model
0:35:30Live character-by-character transmission and concurrnet editing ("hardest part to implement")
0:37:20Language support
0:38:00Google Web toolkit promotion
0:40:00Wave organization with tags and other Waves ("Wave links")
0:41:45Searching for content in Waves
0:43:25Extension to extend functionality of Wave (extending website instead of browser
0:44:30Bean Soup demo
0:45:40Link extension demo
0:46:00Extensions (continued)
0:47:00Search extension demo (amazing)
0:48:45Social gadgets in the Wave - invitation gadget example
0:51:30Game gadgets in the Wave - Soduku and Chess examples with Playback
0:52:30Maps gadget demo - Bora Bora example
0:54:00More on Link extension demo (continued amazement)
0:57:20Extension for existing communications - installation of the Twitter extension (amazing)
1:01:40Integrate Wave in existing work flow - bug tracking
1:05:15Open protocols in Wave - "Federation" concept
1:10:30Wave as an open system - draft protocol
1:12:30Instant translations by Rosie!
1:15:10Summary, sources, next steps

It's nice to see great innovation in the browser. I think this obsoletes the Office suite.

[June 3, 2009: see CNET review].

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