Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Tree Roots

I learned how to downhill ski two years ago with my friend Norm in Crested Butte, Colorado. It was nice to know an old dog can learn new tricks.

steve on skiis above teocali

One big difference between downhill and cross country skiing is chairlift conversations. On one chairlift ride, I got to talking to Norm about the trees. The Painter Boy lift runs by a few dazzling stands of aspen trees. I remembered that aspens had root systems that allow the trees to communicate with each other. Norm confirmed that on the lift.

Later in the day, we took the Prospector chairlift. That side of the mountain is mostly pine trees. I remembered that pine trees have a tap root that bores down a few feet. Norm confirmed that on the lift.

"So," I said, "aspen trees are like Democrats, and pine trees are like Republicans."

"And they all live on the same mountain," Norm said.

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