Friday, June 5, 2009

Fiesta Cubana at the Moab Music Festival

I make an annual trek to the Moab Music Festival for my spiritual rejuvenation. Here's a preview of one of the Fiesta Cubana concert on Labor Day weekend:
Labor Day Weekend takes the Festival to Red Cliffs Adventure Lodge for a two-night Fiesta Cubana in the Festival Tent on the banks of the Colorado River beside the vineyards of Castle Creek Winery. Two concerts explore the colorful and sophisticated traditions of Cuban jazz and classical music through the prodigious fingers of two unique virtuosos of the Cuban piano: the third-generation keyboard jazz master Chuchito Vald├ęs and the breathtaking Jorge-Luis Prats.

And here's a preview of what you get to hear sitting outside by the Colorado River:

Tickets on sale now! Hope to see you there.

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