Thursday, March 11, 2010

Make Your Own Music (Online)

I love new creative activities popping up on the Internet. I posted previosly about online creative collaboration. Here are some examples of websites that provide ways of creating or composing your own music performances.

On the website In B flat, Darren Solomon has arranged an array of videos with musicians and readers. Create your own performance by starting and stopping videos, and adjusting volumes.

Incredibox gives you your own animated band. Drag-and-drop instruments, rhythm sections, and other effects at the bottom of your screen on to the musicians and off they go. When you get tired of a virtual musician, click to make him disappear.

If you want to compose music, you can do that on the Interent, too. Noteflight gives you Internet-based composition services to write music, hear it, and print it out. Wouldn't it be great if you could push a button and distribute on iTunes?

Of course, sometimes it's nice just to sit back and listen to music that's hard to find anywhere else except the Internet. Here is Tonada de Luna Llena as performed by Leonardo Granados.

Tonada de Luna Llena from Dustin Copeland on Vimeo.


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