Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Blogger Labels

I set up a few blogs today.

I also learned about setting up blogs.

The main thing is, use "labels" in Blogger judiciously. There is a nice "Label" gadget that Blogger provides to help your viewers see a list of content organized around a particular label. On this blog, I've used something like 400 labels. Mistake. If you use Blogger, try limiting yourself to 20 or so.

I set up advertising and Amazon link on these blogs, too. That has got much easier since the last time I set up a blog on Blogger. The only problem I've run into is with Amazon contextual ads. They don't fit correctly in the Blogger gadgets. It appears to be a problem with Amazon's javascript code understanding the dynamic sizing of the Blogger gadget. I'm hoping that someone will fix that and make the ugly scroll bars disappear.

Each of these new blogs has a specific audience and is easy for me to maintain. Building web traffic is part of my one man media empire strategy.

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